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Fast-track your scuba training

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Ruislip and Northwood Sub-Aqua Club is proud to partner with BSAC Training Centre, Divecrew.

This partnership enables members to have the option of fast-tracking their BSAC training, then to return to the club to enjoy ongoing diving and training support.

So, with Ruislip and Northwood Sub-Aqua Club, members have a choice with their training. They can train with the club over a series of weeks or months, or they can fast-track their training with our BSAC Training Centre partner, Divecrew.

Established more than 20 years ago and based in Crowthorne, Berkshire, Divecrew trains every week and has full-time paid BSAC instructors. As such the student could finish the theory and confined water training on two consecutive weekends, with the open water element then being completed in one weekend. So, after three weeks, the student is qualified. This removes the months of training within the club itself.

Learning to dive with Divecrew offers several benefits, including:

  • Learning in three weekends and when it suits you
  • Various pool location options for training
  • All diving kit provided
  • After qualifying, ongoing diving and training support from the club

Divecrew will teach you to become a safe, confident and self-reliant diver. By the end of your scuba lessons you will have unlocked the door to a new underwater world and countless new adventures.

After qualifying with the Training Centre, Ruislip and Northwood Sub-Aqua Club will support you in consolidating your new-found skills with ongoing diving and training support. That’s one of the great things about club life: you are surrounded with people who can help you on your onward diving journey.

If would like to talk through your options, please contact us. Or, to book on this course, please use the button below.

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