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How do I join?

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The first thing to do is to contact our Membership Secretary. Then join us on a Thursday evening at 8.30 p.m. at Highgrove Pool for an informal discussion.

You will need to complete a medical form, which is common practice with all scuba diving agencies. This is a list of questions that require a yes or no answer. If you have a pre existing medical condition e.g. asthma, any heart condition, etc you may need to seek advice from a diving medical referee. This is a doctor who will advise you in relation to your condition and the effects it may have on scuba diving activity.

Once you are cleared for diving you complete BSAC and RNSAC membership application forms and then you start your training. It is as easy as that.

Membership Costs

The annual membership fee for the Club is currently £145.00 (1) per year plus £60.50 for your BSAC Subscription, which is required for all diving members (2). The BSAC Subscription includes the monthly magazine ‘SCUBA’ delivered to your home.

All new members without previous diving experience pay a one off amount of £160.00 to cover training and joining fees. This includes the cost of Ocean Diver instruction, training manuals and equipment servicing. The Club has some equipment available for loan during your initial training period. A refundable deposit of £150.00 is required when you receive the equipment.

Qualified divers, joining from another BSAC Club or crossing over from another agency, pay the annual club fee, BSAC subscription, £30.00 joining fee and, where necessary, the applicable training fee, depending on the next course required. The training and joining fees are to cover the cost of the instruction and training materials. Sports Diver Training and Dive Leader or Advanced Diver Training = £160.00

1 – Club Junior Membership is available at 50% of the annual fee to members aged 14 – 16 years when joining with a parent who is a Full Diving Member. Members aged 17 to 25 years who are in full-time education pay 50% of the annual fee.
2 – BSAC membership for Student (18+ years and in full-time education) and Junior (under 18 years) Members is £32.00 (2021).

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