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Paul Wood - Chairman

Paul Wood - ChairmanHi my name is Woody. I joined Ruislip and Northwood and started to learn to dive in 1979 and have been a member ever since. Currently I am club Chairman.
My engineering company started to make MGE reels and sub-aqua accessories in 1984: in 1998 with Gary, a business partner, I opened Slough Scuba Store which closed in 2020, so I have a fair bit of experience! I am always willing to advise on equipment matters, whether it’s problems, purchase or service: I will try my best to help.
If you’re new to diving or already trained we would love to meet you.

Karin Lockett - Diving Officer

Karin Lockett - Diving OfficerI have been diving for 15 years and I am the Diving Officer. I love the water and when the kids left home I decided to try a scuba diving. The rest is history. My partner also dives and we have had many enjoyable trips and holidays with the Club.
Come and dive with us!

Tim Wood - Treasurer

My name is Tim Wood, I’m the treasurer of Ruislip and Northwood BSAC. I joined the club in the latter part of 2018 and I’m proud to say one my daughters Fenella, joined with me shortly afterwards. I have for over the past twenty years run T. W. Carriages with my wife Gayle.
I am the father of twin girls: the younger of the two is, along with Gayle, an avid horse woman, but Fen, the elder, was happiest swimming and kayaking, so it was just a natural progression for her to begin to scuba dive. This was not only a step away from my equestrian business, it was something Fen and I could do together and is a complete contrast to my normal business life.
Since joining the club, my family and I have housed the club RHIB and I was actively involved with the installation of our very own club air compressor and equipment store. I have made many friends and since joining the Ruislip and Northwood Sub Aqua Club, life has been far more interesting and I hope to enjoy many future holidays and dives with my club.

Britt Rees - Membership Secretary

Britt Rees - Membership SecretaryMy name is Ulla-Britt Rees but known as Britt as I have never met anyone who can say my name in England! I came from Sweden to the UK over 30 years ago and married Byron who himself became a keen diver with the Ruislip and Northwood club in 2002.
Eventually I thought I should give diving a go myself and joined the club in early March 2020 just before the lockdown.
I have now been able to receive quite a few pool lessons and am ready for open water in my training as an Ocean Diver. I really enjoy the friendship and social aspects of the club and feel excited about this next step in my training.
Byron has been Membership secretary for a few years and I have taken over this role from November 2021.

Rachael Sharma - Secretary

Following in the fin-steps of my father, my earliest memories consisted of being carted from A to B in the back of the car surrounded by diving kit and paraphernalia all around the country, so joining a reputable BSAC club & learning to scuba dive was something I had always wanted to do. I prefer the club environment as they have so much more to offer and, with this recreational sport, you need as much support and knowledge as you can get. I’m so happy to have found Ruislip & Northwood BSAC, it’s a super-friendly club with an amazing social circle too! I love it so much I put myself forward to be the club’s secretary! I’m looking forward to “Planning the Dive & Diving the Plan”

Phil Robinson - Training Officer

Phil RobinsonMy name is Philip Robinson: I am the Training Officer of the club. I started diving through the military in 2004 and have enjoyed several diving expeditions around the world. I have been lucky enough to be a member of various BSAC clubs and met some fantastic people. I recently joined the Ruislip and Northwood Club in June 20 and am looking forward to UK diving and the social element that diving brings.

Michael Coker - Boating Officer

I started diving 4 years ago and I soon became hooked. I try and dive at every opportunity possible and I do!
Our club is a great place to learn how to dive and you can progress at your own speed or maybe you might just want to beat my record: good luck with that one!

Byron Rees – Equipment Officer

Content pending.

Wendy – Social Secretary and Welfare Officer

I joined Ruislip and Northwood in 2018 and without doubt it was one of the most life-altering things I have ever done. I just didn’t join a club: I joined a group of people that would become some of my closest friends.
Yes , I was scared to begin with ,but I found diving builds confidence and also helped my mental wellbeing. After my first try dive I just couldn’t wait to have another and I haven’t looked back since.

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