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Try scuba diving

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Before committing yourself why not come for a try dive with us at Highgrove Pool?

We will give you a short presentation on safety and the dive equipment used followed by a session in the pool with an instructor. The cost is £20 though this is refunded should you decide to join the club. Just make contact with our Membership Secretary who will coordinate your visit.

Why do a Try Dive

Well firstly it’s not just about jumping in a pool with some dive kit on, though that is what you’d be doing.

Doing a try dive in a pool is the first step into another world.

A world where you are effectively weightless, free to drift along in the water column like a bird through the air or like the creatures of the sea moving around you.

A try dive in a pool gives you your first taste of being in that environment. Put the equipment on in its most basic form, learn about it’s most basic function – providing you with breathing gas, and use it to experience the feeling of being weightless and under water.

What will happen

You will have a 20 minute introductory talk about BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) and diving. You will get a brief rundown of the equipment. There may be some words about safety and there will be some simple hand signals to remember.

Then you’ll get changed and go to the poolside. Your normal swim wear is appropriate.

The dive

You will be introduced to the instructor who’s going to accompany you, your ‘buddy’. The kit will be by the edge of the pool waiting for you.

You’ll enter the water and under guidance from your buddy, put on your kit. He/she will have you take some breaths with face in water, then have you float forward and start your first dive. Your buddy will be next to you at all times and will be controlling your buoyancy and thus your depth by manipulating your equipment.

If you relax, your buddy may show you how to control your buoyancy yourself or have you do some exercises.

What happens next

You can join a local club and learn on a weekly basis bit by bit, getting to know the other club members in the process. As your training progresses and you complete 4 or 5 pool sessions, you will do your first dives in an open water location, most likely a water filled local quarry. As you grow more competent you will continue on to do your first sea dives, first from shore, then either the Club’s inflatable RIB or a hard boat which takes 12 divers and usually have a diver lift help you out of the water.

Being in a club environment means you are joining a group of people who are already passionate about diving and who will become your mentors, dive buddies and friends over time. The training is done at the individual’s own pace and provides an all round appreciation of UK diving.

And then?

The oceans belong to you…

The choice is yours

All you have to do to start is have a Try Dive

Book a Try Dive today!

Book your Try Dive session at Highgrove Pool with a fully qualified BSAC Instructor. For just £20, we will provide the pool, kit and bags of fun!

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